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mrs.iiThe Intuitive Investor newsletter was started by Barry O'Dwyer in February 2003. Born in Britain, Barry has lived in The Netherlands for the past 33 years, and he uses his adopted home town of Amsterdam as his base of operations. Barry worked in financial journalism for many years, working first on the BBC's 'Financial World Tonight', and later with Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, the Dutch external radio service, as the maker of a regular programme on business and finance for its English-language service.

Barry O’Dwyer has been using the I Ching for the past 35 years, mostly for himself, occasionally for friends. Now, at the age of 68, he thinks the time is ripe to pass on his I Ching insights to a broader public. You can get a reading via the Intuitive I Ching website.

mrs.iiMrs. II, also known as Carmen O'Dwyer, regularly publishes articles on intuition, investing and money. She is a qualified healer from Snowlion Center School, and has a healing practice in the centre of Amsterdam. Previously, she worked in finance, mainly in banking. She has a degree in Industrial Engineering, a degree in Finance, and an MBA. Before settling in Amsterdam, she lived in the USA and her native Colombia.