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Terms and Conditions:
1. The subscription for 12 editions (monthly publications) is non-refundable.

2. We will send you a reminder if your subscription is about to expire.

3. We are obliged to add the disclaimer below (in italics). Anyone ought to be able to see that with our model portfolio we are not giving investment or financial advice, but instead are offering an example, which subscribers are free to follow if they so wish; still, in order to avoid any misunderstanding:-

Please note that The Intuitive Investor, henceforth referred to as the newsletter, is published for educational purposes, is not intended to give specific investment advice, and reflects the editor's views as to the direction of the markets and the various economies of the world. The newsletter contains a model portfolio, which describes in part the editor's personal investment holdings, and in no way provides a recommendation to individual subscribers. The purpose of the model portfolio is to track the performance of selected holdings which correspond to the view expressed in the newsletter. Therefore, the model portfolio provides an example which readers of the newsletter are free to follow or not at their own choice, and for which choice the editor disclaims all liability. The editor, while clarifying details contained within the newsletter upon request, cannot enter into personal advice concerning a subscriber's individual investments.

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