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In this section you can read about some of the dreams we have had in the past, and a review of their outcomes. The more recent dreams are provided along with the current edition (maybe after reading this section, you will be inspired to join us).

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8.   Dream: RUSSIAN SURPRISE - 26th March 2008:

A Russian warship pulls into a berth at Virginia Water. I have a feeling it is going to make a surprise attack on the ships moored either side of it. The authorities ban the public from getting too close to it. Instead, they erect a raised walkway which joins Virginia Water to Egham, allowing pedestrians using it to see the Russian boat from above and to their left.

Interpretation (as in the newsletter at the time of the dream): This is not a regular financial dream from Dad, but it is eerily similar to one The II had around ten years ago, also involving a surprise attack by the Russians (in that earlier case, by the Russian airforce). We believe it is significant, and that close attention should be paid to Russia's military intentions.

Ps. Virginia Water is a village and Egham a small town close to where the dreamer was raised in England.

Enactment to date: As of 18th August 2008. On Friday, 8th August Russia invaded the South Ossetia separatist enclave of Georgia, driving out Georgian forces and, a few days later, capturing the town of Gori, 30 km south of South Ossetia. No naval forces were in action, but reports suggest that the Russians occupied two Georgian harbours on the Black Sea, destroying military installations and ships there. Moreover, the Russian Black Sea fleet has been blockading the Georgian coastline, and the Russians have ignored a Ukrainian warning that it would have to seek permission before returning to its Sebastopol base. The dream may be considered a predictive success, and may have further relevance as events develop.

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