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In this section you can read about some of the dreams we have had in the past, and a review of their outcomes. The more recent dreams are provided along with the current edition (maybe after reading this section, you will be inspired to join us).

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4.  Dream: THE UNCONTROLLED AIR CRASH - 20th June 2006:

I (the dreamer) am standing on the banks of Het IJ, the stretch of water which forms the Amsterdam harbour. In the sky behind me emerges a large passenger jet, which banks to the right as it comes overhead. As it banks, I observe on the top side of its winds commercial property 'To Let' boards in red and black. The bank continues to steepen, finally reaching 90 before the aircraft dives towards the ground in an uncontrolled crash. It hits a structure, such as a floating landing stage or dock, moored to the waterfront on the far side of the harbour (Amsterdam-noord). I am shocked, but relieved to see it does not burst into flames. However, the crash loosens the moorings of the dock, which then proceeds to float away eastward towards the IJsselmeer (the former Zuyder Zee).

Interpretation (as in the newsletter at the time of the dream): It is reasonable to take it that a good old-fashioned crash is on its way. As to what this particular aeroplane represents, we need to look at the curious 'To Let' boards on the top side of its wings. We may take it that the crash relates to the property market (red and black are the colours of the logo of one of the most prominent international commercial property agents). The fact that the plane lands on the far side of the water is an indication as to where it will take place, most probably the USA where the residential property market has been showing signs of stress recently.

The moored structure the plane crashes onto is attached to, but not part of, the soil of Amsterdam-noord. It is likely it represents the way the US dollar is the currency, but not the economy, of the USA - an attachment to, or tool of, the economy, if you like. At any rate, this structure becomes unsettled as a result of the incident, and detaches itself, floating away down the harbour.

The only anomaly in the dream is that if it refers to US property, it has to be to the residential housing market, not commercial real estate. Residential property has been the subject of a massive mania, not dissimilar to the Tulpomanie, the Dutch Tulip Mania of the 17th century, and is a prime candidate for a fall. Doubtless the familiar colours of the board were used in order for me to recognise it as a 'To Let' sign.

Enactment to date: Now, here's a funny thing. Just look at this:

On 15th January 2009, a US Airways A320 passenger jet made a forced landing in the River Hudson, NYC, a stretch of water about as wide as Het IJ, the Amsterdam harbour front. Mercifully, it was not an uncontrolled crash as in the dream, and all 155 souls on board were rescued without major injury.

Still, it confirms the dream, and suggests plenty of development yet in the enactment. From an intuitive standpoint, it is worth noting that it was on the day the US Treasury announced a second support operation for the second largest bank in the US, Bank of America (BofA), after further losses from Merrill Lynch, which BofA took over in September 2008.

BofA is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, which also happened to be the intended destination of the downed jet. It is reasonable to suppose from this piece of synchronicity that further financial misfortune awaits BofA, which may well end up being nationalised outright.

As to our interpretation at the time of dreaming, both the residential and commercial property markets have crashed, and are continuing to fall further.

The USD is falling against other major currencies, and if our interpretation is right we may expect the fall to continue.

The dream may be regarded as fully validated, and with further potential for enactment.

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