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In this section you can read about some of the dreams we have had in the past, and a review of their outcomes. The more recent dreams are provided along with the current edition (maybe after reading this section, you will be inspired to join us).

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The dreamer's attention was drawn to an aeroplane taking off from behind some trees in the middle distance. Oh, he thought to himself, there must be an airport there. The aircraft was a modern twin-turboprop low wing type. On the side of its fuselage was written Macquarie Airways.

The aircraft rises, but just before coming overhead the field in which he is standing it hovers in the air, moving not at all in relation to the ground. He realises something is wrong with it. Then, to his surprise, it commences a gentle vertical descent to the ground, on which it lands upright and without mishap. Despite that, his assumption that something has gone very wrong with the flight is confirmed by the fire engines he can see coming from the airport to attend to the stricken aeroplane.

Interpretation (as in the newsletter at the time of the dream): The aircraft is in service for Macquarie Airways, which as far as we know does not exist. But an Australian bank of that name does, and Macquarie Bank tried hard a year ago or so to acquire the London Stock Exchange, albeit without success. So it is reasonable to assume the events in the dream are related to the current decline in stock market prices. The descent is nearly vertical, which suggests that it will be dramatic. However, the aircraft makes a soft landing without any damage to the structure or injury to those on board, and that implies that the fall in prices will not cause major havoc or ruin to investors. The way in which the aircraft descends back to the ground from which it so recently departed may suggest that all recent gains will be lost, and indeed that is already the case, with most markets having returned to levels they held prior to the major bull market of recent weeks.

On the other hand, the aircraft has just departed the airport, and was at no great height when it commenced its descent. This suggests the gains that are likely to be lost are of recent origin.

The conclusion is that the dip taking place in stocks, while severe, is unlikely to go beyond nullifying the gains from the recent past.

Enactment to date: This proved to be exactly the case. As the chart below shows clearly, the Dow fell in May 2006 but was back up to its previous level again by October last year.

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