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In this section you can read about some of the dreams we have had in the past, and a review of their outcomes. The more recent dreams are provided along with the current edition (maybe after reading this section, you will be inspired to join us).

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1.  Dream: THE GOLDEN LETTERS- 20th November 2005:

The II's dad shows the II the side wall of what looks very like the town hall in Hilversum, a building so ugly, incidentally, it is frequently mistaken for an electricity power station. In the dream, a calendar with golden letters and numbers hangs on its tiled wall. The dreamer's attention was drawn to 5th January.

Interpretation (as in the newsletter at the time of the dream): It is of course hard to say precisely what significance 5th January might have, but we may speculate, and this in turn requires a little analysis of the dream. The letters and numbers of the calendar were golden, so we may assume the reference is to gold. Since gold has risen and then fallen sharply again in the recent past, we may further assume that the date indicates a good moment to buy gold before the next leg up of gold's continuing rise commences.

Enactment to date: Gold has proved to be a wonderful investment, even in appreciating euros. On 18th November 2005 the price of spot gold (London PM fix) was USD 485.85/oz. The price on 21st July 2008 was USD 960.50/oz. This is an increase of 97.69%.

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