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Our highly successful strategy owes gratitude to The Intuitive Investor's dad, who was a stockbroker himself in the City of London from the 1930s to the 1970's, and who passed away in 1973. With much consideration, he provides us with a dream from time to time, which determines strategy by giving us a preview of conditions as they will be in the coming time. We, in turn, use the insights of the dreams and validate them with what we read and hear about the market conditions.

The first such dream came in 1998, long before The Intuitive Investor was published. It advised selling Ahold stock (Ahold is a Dutch supermarket operator with outlets in The Netherlands and the USA) on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange when it reached a certain price. Since Ahold was seen to be a solid growth stock in those days (long before it met its nemesis in 2003), we took it that if Ahold had to be sold, then all equity (stock) holdings ought to be sold, and that it was an indication the market as a whole would be going down from that point.

It took several months more before Ahold hit the target price suggested by the II's dad, and at that point, before 1998 came to a close, his son did sell his entire equity holdings, and .... nothing happened. Throughout 1999 stocks rose in price, and the II looked a complete chump.

In 2000, however, the Tech stock bubble burst, share prices fell, and many investors were badly mauled. Thanks to dad's advice, we weren't one of them. We actually made money on the downturn, though that is another story.

At any rate, by 2003 we thought it time to inspire others to use their own innate, intuitive resources in picking their way through the stock market minefield.

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