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Who hasn't lost money on their investments over the last couple of years?

The Intuitive Investor has been making money on his investments for the past nineteen years.

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Eighteen years ago we created our model portfolio to show our strategy to subscribers.

We have been keeping tabs on our dream performance for the past eighteen years, and we're up in Euro's, US Dollars, and British Pounds.

Dream performance it is, and the performance is being powered by dreams.

Since its inception in 2002, The Intuitive Investor newsletter has been warning its subscribers:

  • The US housing market was in a severe bubble, and house prices would certainly collapse;

  • The US Dollar would go the same way;

  • All paper-money currencies not covered by gold or something else that is real would follow the dollar downwards;

  • This time it really is different, and the financial markets' downturn would precede not just a worldwide recession but a major global depression;

  • Banks would go bust, and depositors should be very careful;

  • Equities (shares) would go into a long slump, and should be avoided;

  • The same applies to bonds.

Right from the start, we recommended a strategy which up to today is proving successful. We think it's just about the only way of ensuring your capital will hold its value.

Most of the predictions above have already come true, in whole or in part. Some have still to be proven right. How did The Intuitive Investor get it so right, when so many market professionals thought until very recently that all was well?

The II's dad, who died in 1973, was for much of his working life a partner in a firm of London stockbrokers. With great kindness, from time to time he brings us a dream which predicts the way the markets will go. The newsletter duly informs its subscribers on new revelations, so that they are advised on events before they happen.

The Intuitive Investor newsletter, published every month, provides:

  • a record of dad's latest dreams - See section Dreaming of Success;

  • a model portfolio, which gives subscribers an example of simple investing which they are free to copy. So far, The Intuitive Investor Model Portfolio has gained 100+% in Euros since it commenced in February 2004 - See section Model Portfolio;

  • well-written, well-argued rational back-up to justify and extend dad's intuitive dream information - See section Our Philosophy.

Maybe you feel basing your investment strategy on dreams is a step too far. We beg to differ, but anyway the proof of the pudding is in the eating: how can you argue with a model portfolio which has done so well in perilous times?

The rest of the sections are self-explanatory. ENJOY!!!

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